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The award-winning, American-based Delta Defense team is available 24/7


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"These tools are FREE because they're important and necessary to keep your home and loved ones safe..."

- Tim Schmidt, Delta Defense CEO


"These tools are FREE because they're important and  necessary to keep your home and loved ones safe..."

- Tim Schimdt
Delta Defense CEO

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Fortify your home with simple solutions to securing doors and windows, assessing exterior features that attract intruders, installing alarms, and options for home-defense firearms.

Home Security & Home Defense Fundamentals


You want safety and security for your family. You'll stop at nothing to protect them. That's why you're a responsible gun owner. But to protect your family with complete confidence, you need the best home defense plan from proven leaders in the training industry. Because after all, you won't get a second chance to protect what matters most...

Learn the surprising truths about home invasions and how you can prepare yourself and your family. These essential home defense skills will help you turn the tables on any attacker.

3 Easy Steps to Keep Your Home & Family Safe

Assess the current state of your home's appearance and discover easy steps you can take to deter criminals and transform your house into an impenetrable fortress.

HDAA Home Security Inspection Checklist

Home-Defense Association of America®

Home-Defense Shield®

3 Steps to Shield Yourself and Secure Your Home...

Arm yourself with a reliable firearm and get professional training

Make your home unattractive to criminals, illuminate the exterior at night, and strengthen your doors and windows

Install and set a security alarm with motion detectors and sensors